We Have Experience In A Diverse Field Of Testing Laboratories And In An Array Of ISO And Other Standards


About Quality First

Quality First was established in 2016 with a passion for quality. We have experience in a diverse field of testing laboratories and in an array of ISO and other standards.

  • Pathology Laboratories (ISO 15189)
  • Environmental Laboratories (ISO 17025)
  • Agriculture Laboratories (ISO 17025)
  • Veterinary Laboratories (ISO 17025)
  • Clinical Trials (GLP and GCLP)
  • Mining Laboratories (ISO 17025)
  • Food Laboratories (ISO 17025)
  • Calibration Laboratories (ISO 17025)
  • Organizations (ISO 9001)

our Mission

Transforming and empowering Laboratories and Healthcare in Africa through quality consultation, training and education.

our Vision

  1. Through quality education, aligned with higher education institutions to heighten the awareness of quality in laboratory and healthcare professions
  2. Through system implementation and consultation to reduce cost while optimising effectiveness and quality of laboratory and healthcare services
  3. Through collaboration with stakeholders, including government institutions to try and standardise laboratory practices in South Africa, and in doing so minimizing risk to ensure improved outcomes.

our Values

Excellence- we strive towards maintaining the highest standard in all we do
Teamwork- we work together with loyalty as a team to achieve the common goals of the company
Holistic- we recognise that two minds work better than one; engaging with others are important to us
Integrity- we conduct all our dealings honestly and fairly
Care- we display kindness and concern for others in whatever we do
Sustainability- we embrace sustainable best practices

What we Offer


We have extensive experience in South African and African countries and have worked with different accreditation bodies across the world.


Your partner in Quality Management and Laboratory Management system implementation and optimisation.


Staff development and training is the backbone of any organization. We can assist with any Quality Management or Laboratory Management training to ensure your organization work smarter, and not harder.

our Team

Janette Wassung

Janette Wassung

Managing Director

  Managing Director   Janette Wassung, a medical technologist by profession, is the Managing Director of Quality First PTY Ltd. She has more than 25 years’ experience in Quality and [...]

Leon Wassung

Leon Wassung



Nene Oche

Nene Oche


  Consultant   Nene Oche is a conscientious Quality Management Professional with a first degree in Microbiology and a second in Applied Biosciences, working over 12 years within the [...]

Tracey Evans

Tracey Evans


  Consultant   Tracey Evans has a MSc in Analytical Biochemistry and has over 15 years’ experience in Laboratory Quality Assurance and Management Systems. This includes ISO 9001 and [...]

Tracy Blanckensee

Tracy Blanckensee


  Consultant   Tracy Blanckensee is a medical technologist by profession, qualified in Microbiology. She has more than 12 years’ experience in the pathology industry, including [...]

Our services

  • Quality Management and Laboratory Management training
  • Documentation, including manuals, procedures and templates
  • GAP Analyses and Evaluation of your existing system
  • Process Mapping and process definition
  • Process and system implementation

  • Internal Audit
  • Process and System optimisation to meet ISO requirements
  • Assistance in proficiency testing, inter-laboratory 
comparison and method validation processes
  • Assistance with accreditation/certification application
  • Safety system optimization

  • System and technical training
  • Internal Auditing Technique training
  • Staff and leadership development programmes
  • General safety training

  • Audits: Any type of Audits - Internal, Supplier or 3rd Party Audits
  • Quality Improvement Solutions - For laboratories that do not necessarily want to become accredited, but just want to optimize their operations
  • GCLP specific Audits and Training - For Clinical Trial companies and laboratories
  • Safety Solutions - For organisations requiring safety management systems implementation and advice.
  • Human Resource services - including recruitment, staff evaluation and development



Our courses



Management Systems

Improving turnaround time, inventory management, operational efficiency, quality practices and staff skills, and better understanding of lab costing and investment decisions will result in better patient/client experience and raise the standards of laboratory practice to world class status.



Technical Systems

In the 21 century, laboratories ought to remain flexible and ready to adapt to the ever evolving regulatory and dynamic business environment to keep with requirements of equipment and skilled staff. Unfortunately, most laboratories operate with rigid systems and structures either through historical design or budget compelling reasons. Understanding ISO requirements are key to achieving optimal service delivery within the regulatory world.



Document your QMS

The correct structure and recording of your quality management system is crucial to successful running of your laboratory. Having the correct information in the correct sequence makes all the difference in an audit, and it can make or brake an audit outcome. From meetings structure to standard operating procedures should be effectively documented.



Internal Auditing

Internal audit programs identify best practices that can be replicated within the laboratory environment and affirm compliance with requirements. They may also identify nonconforming events. Internal auditing of work practices is an important Quality Management System tool that helps a laboratory meet regulatory, accreditation, and customer requirements.  Internal Auditing training will prepare individuals to contribute as valuable and skilled internal auditors in their organizations.




Learn from the comfort of your own home. People learn and absorb information in different ways and at different speeds: e-learning courses provide a flexible and a versatile learning system that enables individual learners and organisations alike to tailor their training to fit with their specific circumstances. Furthermore, when e-learning is coupled with instructor-led training, it can bring additional dimensions and enhance the learning process overall.



Leadership Programs

Leadership Development Training has a place of great importance in today’s world as leaders are viewed
as evolved rather than born. Let us transform your managers and supervisors into leaders through a coaching and mentoring program.




Download Training Brochure ISO 171025 Specific Brochure
Download Training General Brochure 2022



Virtual Training offered

In the wake of the Covid Pandemic, Quality first, like many other businesses had to re-engineer our service delivery model. To that end, we are happy to now offer virtual training.


All our courses are available through this model, with either of the following options:

  • Self paced e-learning (limited courses available)
  • Virtual instructor lead training
  • A blended approach of virtual instructor lead training, e-Learning plus home assignments


What To Expect From Our Virtual Instructor lead Training


  • Training will be done by our existing subject matter expert facilitators
  • Clients can test the programme by having a short meeting with a consultant to show and explain the process prior to training taking place


The Process

  • Delegates will receive the training material before hand
  • Delegates will see the live facilitator and information on PowerPoint
  • All delegates will be able to interact with the facilitator via chat message, hand raising or verbal and video interaction (either one on one or in group context)
  • Facilitator will be able to see all delegates during the training (small groups only)
  • All delegates will be able to fill in a feedback form at the end of the session
  • Certificates will be emailed in PDF after the training
  • Clients will receive an attendance register upon request.


What will be required?

The conferencing software can be used on all computers and Smartphones with microphones and cameras.


What To Expect From Our e-Learning Courses


  • Delegates will receive an email with password details to access the course
  • All courses have several modules of self paced learning
  • After each module, a quiz needs to be completed.
  • Upon a pass rate of 80% on all the quizz’es, delegates will have access to print their own certificate.
  • Each course include some video’s to watch.


What will be required?

The e-learning software can be used on all computers and Smartphones. A good connection is required.

We have clients across the following sectors: Medical, Veterinary, Industrial, Environmental, Agriculture, Mining and many more.

Client Testimonials

Our journey to accreditation with Quality First by our side has been ultra-impressive. Upon contracting your services, you immediately added a sense of calm to what looked like a rather daunting and unachievable goal at times. As our consultant you provided clear and concise guidance, ensuring that the FlowPath team was educated and had a sound understanding of the standard. I would highly recommend your consultant services to anyone seeking assistance with ISO15189 accreditation.

Preven Doorasamy
Preven Doorasamy Managing Director, Flowpath

Very good feedback from all my colleagues who attended your courses and I also recommended you as a service provider for NHLS QMS courses. Your company is extremely knowledgeable and one of the best sources for information regarding laboratory QMS. Your newsletters are also very informative and I wish there were more but realize it takes time. There are always useful hints!! Thank you for contributing to ensure laboratories strive to do their best for patient care.

Ina Freitag
Ina Freitag NHLS, Universitas Hospital Bloemfontein

Thank you for all your assistance and support through our journey. You and your team are helping us tremendously and we are forever grateful for all your help.

 Jo-Ann Kotze
Jo-Ann Kotze Jo-Ann Kotze from Indalo Bio on our consultation service, August 2022

I want to commend you on the quality and completeness of the Management System that you provided to me (via the A2LA portal). It is one of the most polished, complete, and well-organized Management Systems that I have had the pleasure to work with.

Mr Mark Ruefenacht
Mr Mark Ruefenacht A2LA Assessor

Thank you for sourcing a very knowledgeable and competent trainer for this course (Prof Tandi Matsha). It was very beneficial to have a trainer that understands the organization, the laboratory environment and the subject matter. She could relate to the tests, patients and ethical issues we face on a daily basis. Excellent interactive and facilitation skills.

Dr Elizabeth Samuel
Dr Elizabeth Samuel NHLS

First, let me thank you again for the awesome course you both presented over the last 2 days. It was fantastic. I just want to thank you both so much for listening, educating and teaching like you do. Your courses are invaluable. I will certainly be attending more, be it via NHLS or in my own private capacity.

Ms Natalie Nissen
Ms Natalie Nissen NHLS Worcester

The training course has been an eye opener, especially on Internal Auditing. I have gained worthwhile exposure through class work and practical assignment. Facilitation has been awesome, well organized!

Mr J Wengawenga
Mr J Wengawenga Agriculture Research and Extension Trust (ARET), Lilongwe, Malawi

Very informative course. It will definitely help in establishment of Risk Assessment and Management.

Charles Poonyane
Charles Poonyane National Control Laboratory for Biological Products

I have never seen my staff so excited and positive after a training session. Upon asking some staff, they were very happy with the course itself, the material and preparation of Tracey. A very well done to Quality First! Thank you.

Mr Vossie Wilsnach
Mr Vossie Wilsnach Omnia, Sasolburg

A very informative course. Gave laboratory based personnel a more in-depth understanding of how clinical trial audit are conducted

Danusha Mattan
Danusha Mattan Ampath

The practical assignments and discussions were very useful

Ilze Louw
Ilze Louw Immunology Research Group

I found the course was very helpful and only regret that I have not done the course before I did my MSc on evaluation and Validation of a molecular technique (Loop-mediated-isothermal-amplification assay – on Rift Valley Fever virus). I will recommend the course for anyone that needs to validate assays and found the way Janette as well as Jaclyn presented the course was excellent

Ms Chantal Le Roux
Ms Chantal Le Roux NICD, Johannesburg

It was a wonderful period of knowledge transfer. Very insightful with many action points to be implemented back home.

PathCare Nigeria, Lagos

Excellent delivery! Thank you so much, well done! More of these sessions should be organized.

Medlab Ghana, Accra

Excellent training by the facilitator. Janette demonstrated in-depth knowledge of laboratory quality

ExxonMobil Lagos, Nigeria

Thank you for the wealth of knowledge that you shared with me, I have learnt so much and I am looking forward to implementing this knowledge in my work place.

Dr Sihaam Boolay
Dr Sihaam Boolay Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Division of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics, Univ of Stellenbosch

Thank you for an excellent course, full of “AHA” moments! I am really excited to apply everything I’ve learnt over the past year. Janette, you are a wonderful trainer and I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn from you. Your passion for quality is contagious. You have this incredible way of simplifying concepts and presenting them in a way that is applicable to our environment. Somehow, the most complex of principles just makes perfect sense when you present it! You truly have a gift!

Marika Flinn
Marika Flinn University of Stellenbosch Immunology Research Group, on the Laboratory Management Program

Firstly, I want to thank and congratulate Quality First on an excellent program. My experience with the Laboratory Management Program has been extremely positive and I would highly recommend it to many of my peers. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have attended this program as I have learned so much and have definitely become a better leader/manager and will be able to apply my acquired knowledge in the laboratory. You care so immensely for the attendees and are always willing to go out of your way to promote the well-being of the class. Thank you for your dedication and for sharing all your knowledge and experience with us.

Ilze Louw
Ilze Louw University of Stellenbosch Immunology Research Group, on the Laboratory Management Program

Pre visit, Our team was very nervous as this was the first accreditation gap assessment we have had. The QF team were exceptional and professional in their approach. It is easy to be critical of a facility but the QF team are experienced and so well versed of ISO standards that they were able to crit and immediately provide direction and ideas on corrective steps and must have implementations. I was personally very impressed and glad that I made the decision to go ahead with QF. Thank You!

Mr Preven Doorasamy
Mr Preven Doorasamy FlowPath

As far as the safety training is concerned, Janette Wassung from Quality First does e-learning and classroom safety laboratory safety training. I attach her brochure. I use her company for all our training as she is by far the best of everyone I have encountered over the years.

Mrs Liesel Muller
Mrs Liesel Muller Molecular Laboratory, University of Stellenbosch, a reference she has given another laboratory

Thank you very much for the just concluded program. I’ve attended several training/courses before, nonetheless, yours was by far the most useful, memorable, and thought-provoking. I think it also showcased how education via video conferencing platforms can (and ought to) be managed. I found your feedback sessions quite fascinating, eye-opening and insightful. Furthermore, I have received some vital tools/templates for use in practice. Although it was challenging as we had to undertake the entire program (readings, tasks and assignments) alongside our day jobs, however, the stretch was not only necessary but worth it.

Ms Christiana Odoh
Ms Christiana Odoh Synlab Nigeria, on the Management Development Program, Dec 2020

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